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When is my payment due?

This will vary based on your loan origination date. Due date is usually listed on a payment coupon. If you cannot locate it, please call or email us.

Will I receive payment coupons in the mail?

Here at Insurise Capital we are trying to be environmentally friendly, therefore we tend to encourage our customers to receive their statements via e-mail or set up automatic monthly payments. However, if you would rather receive payment coupons, we can definitely arrange that. Feel free to call or e-mail us at any time to have that adjusted. 

Who do I call for detailed insurance policy information?

Please call our office anytime you have any questions. Phone number is:


Who do I call to file a claim?

All insurance related claims should be directed to the Insuring Company. If there are any doubts it might be best to reach out to the retail agency that helped you with that coverage/line of business.

Do I need to make payments if I cancelled my policy?

If there is outstanding balance on your account, it will need to be brought to current status to avoid being reported to the collection agency.

Will policy fees be refunded?

It varies by policy, but policy fees are usually fully earned and non-refundable.

What is Minimum Earned Percentage (MEP) and how does this affect me?

On occasion Insurers will include minimum earned clause in their policy. This refers to the minimum amount of premium or percentage of premium they have to earn in order to write specific policy/ offer coverage. It varies by company, but it is usually no more than 25% of premium (excluding fees and taxes).